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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> some of the road work is still out there this morning. we're going to start here in the san mateo bridge, traffic looks good. no major problems there. the morning commute on interstate 880 north and southbound. there is work in the downtown area in the southbound direction. traffic is so light, it's not really being affected as you head south. northbound 101 traffic looks good. it's 4:30 now, let's go to pam. one man is in the hospital after a stabbing outside a san jose bar. it happened early this morning near the escape bar on south baskem avenue near foxworthy avenue. the two men started fighting inside the bar. the fight moved outside near an apartment complex, that's when one man stabbed the other in the neck. the victim is now at the
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hospital in critical condition. he is expected to be okay. the suspect is in custody. two women are in the hospital with life threatening injuries after being attacked at about 9:30 last night on 20th avenue. one of the women works at a nearby restaurant on noriega street. she was making a delivery to a home when she got caught in the middle of a dispute between the suspect and another woman. the suspect attacked both women with an object, possibly a hammer. he ran off and is still on the loose. no word on his description or motive for the attack. downed power lines caused a brushfire across the microsoft campus in mountain view. lines are still down and crews are beginning to gather. claudine? >> reporter: if you look over here, you can see the pg&e crews
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that are lined up. four vehicles out here, more on the way. one of the crew members said they'll have a lot of equipment out here. if you look at the two-towers, it's the second tower in question. in the trees you can see what's left of this transformer that came down. it was apparently very loud. some people reported hearing sounds of an explosion. an acre of vegetation burned, put out by the fire departments helping. it did cause a power outage in this area. we're standing next to the microsoft campus. there are lights on here. we're not sure, at this point how many people are affected. part of the neighborhood is affected. this is the trail head area, as you can see, is still taped off
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by a police line. still pretty dangerous out here. they don't want anyone getting close by. they'll have a lot of heavy equipment in this area. i asked them how long it was going to take to fix this problem out here. we heard initial reports that maybe until about 8:00 a.m. the crews here say they are still assessing the damage here, so we'll continue to follow this developing story and give you updates when we have them. domestic violence charges could be filed against ross mercerami. the new sheriff is accused of a domestic violence incident involving his wife on new year's eve. he and his wife deny any abuse occurred, but some people are calling on mercorami to step down. .
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>> i think it's absolutely the time for him to temporarily step aside while the investigation is going on. >> his defense attorneys say if charges are filed, they're likely to be misdemeanor charges, not felony. two bay area teachers are due to be arraigned today on sex charges, two separate cases. at 11:00, marie johnson is due in alameda county court. she's accused of having a six-month sexual relationship with a male student who was 14 the the time. johnson teaches at grenada high school. investigators say the relationship began with the game words with friends and then developed through text messages and facebook. then at noon, ob whaley elementary school teacher craig chandler will be in court in san jose. he's suspected of child molestation. police aren't releasing specifics of the allegations, but say one student was
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assaulted on campus last fall. chandler was arrested on tuesday and has been held in jail ever since. pg&e could face a monumental penalty for the explosion that killed several people in april. violations by the utility led to the deadly blast in 2010. the report also says pg&e collected millions of dollars from rate payers for safety improvements. the money wasn't used on safety projects. time now: 4:34. the 49ers are getting ready for their first playoff game since the 2002 season. their opponent, the new orleans saints. they arrived at sfo last night and boarded buses to the team hotel. crews have been getting the stadium ready. >> through the efforts of the mayor and pec and pg&e, we're
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confident they've made the adjustments and recalibrations of transfer switches. >> they also backed up generators and software systems at the park to make sure the power stays on during tomorrow's game. here are photos of 49er fans. we want to show you, some of our viewers have been sending in their fan photos. we'll get you the photos in a bit, but we do want to see your fan photos. upload them at we'll show those throughout the morning. ktvu channel 2 has you covered on game day. pregame coverage at 11:30 tomorrow morning. game time 1:30. when the game's over, stay tuned for our live point after post game show.
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developing news in oakland: a high speed chase overnight has ended. kraig debro is on the scene where there is still a ramp being blocked. >> one of the suspects is right here. they're taking him out of one patrol car and putting him in the other. quite a story. quite an explanation as to how the suspects came up the, what would be the 98th avenue, 880 southbound ramp. they actually came up in the northbound direction, the opposite way. chp sergeant on the scene told me this began with cash rally chp trying to pull over a car, still on the scene, eastbound 580, eastern castro valley. the suspicion was dui. the car initially tried to pull over or slow down as if to pull over, but then kept going. from there it was a wild chase. to dublin, got off the freeway, turned around, starting going westbound on 580, at some point,
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the suspects were on 237 and got to 880 over here. as to how they got on this side of the roadway, that's unclear. the sergeant on the scene told me they stopped on the highway and turned around to get onramp, but it's not exactly clear what happened. once on the scene here. i'm told by firefighters, one of the suspects was tasered by one of the officers on the scene. that suspect has been taken away in an ambulance. when i spoke to the firefighter he said he was okay but, his words "really drunk." looks like they're taking one side of the cuffs off right now, it doesn't appear that he's hurt. when i talked to chp they said he didn't have any injuries. beyond them, further off in the distance, you can see there's a car back there. perhaps through the front end, fairly smashed up there. there's a tow truck on the scene
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waiting to take that car away. there'll be an investigation here for the foreseeable future. it doesn't appear that this will have any impact on the commute, but we'll keep an eye on that. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. home depot plans to hire thousands more workers for the spring season. half the seasonal workers last year were offered permanent positions as cashiers, garden associates and customer service reps. hundreds of other bay area workers, unfortunately, are facing job cuts because of a recent state supreme court decision. coming up at 4:48. what's prompting pink slips at oakland city hall. caltrain fares could be going up for those who pay cash.
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only customers who pay with cash. the plan is part of caltrain's ongoing transition to the clipper card. caltrain will hold a series of meetings on the issue starting later this month. 4:39 is the time right now. let's check with sal for the early morning commute. obviously where craig is, that's going to affect part of the commute this morning. >> reporter: it depends on how long they stay there on 98th avenue onramp to 880. right now, traffic is light. so far, so good. and most people are not affected by this, but of course that could change. we're looking at westbound bay bridge, a small delay, no problems onto the upper deck of the bay bridge. if you're driving along northbound 280 or 101 for that matter, it's a nice drive.
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very happy friday morning. sunny and mild to warm. if you enjoyed yesterday, today looks like a carbon copy. wind isn't as strong on the east bay hills. yesterday was rather blustery at times, calmed down a lot. 30s, 20s, napa airport says 37. they have a northeast wind at 5. windchills about 29. other than that, 30s and 40s again. temperatures, you can see it come, there's a hint of a north wind at fairfield. sunshine, little low, down to the south, high pressure says "i think i'll hang around for about 48 hours" then supposedly changes. sunday will be cooler. that much we do know. cold morning, mild to warm. sunny, hazy skies. less of a breeze today. 60s, upper 50s. fog on the coast yesterday. not much there today at all. it'll be clear for everybody. if you are heading out to candlestick, sunshine, mild to warm on saturday. 60s, mid-60s possible. lots of sunshine, mild on warm.
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with the long holiday weekend, it'll be cooler. >> thank you, steve. 4:41 is the time right now. he's being called a highway hero. >> i was definitely pumped up. i wanted to put an end to it. >> the tense situation that he helped end on a busy bay area freeway. scuffles and vandalism, what led to a small riot in front of an apple store in china. northbound 101, san francisco, the traffic looks pretty good approaching the 880 split. we'll tell you about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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clear skies, coast, bay inland. cold morning. we'll end up with mid- to upper 60s. we now have a sketch of two homicide suspects who police say killed an oakland father right in front of his son. the gunman is described as 17 to 20 years old with a dark complex and dread locks. take a look at the sketches there. his accomplice, on the right, about the same age and has short hair. now police say they killed hosea sparsa on august 28th right in front of his 6-year-old son. a suspected bank robber is in jail this morning, thanks to a quick thinking good samaritan who chased him down the highway. it all began yesterday morning
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when two men robbed a bank of america on snell avenue. the two crashed into a minivan on highway 85. security expert steve brown was driving by and got out of his car to help, then two men dressed in all black, running away caught his eye. >> he and i got into a wrestling match and i threw him to the ground, placed him in an arm bar and placed him under citizen's arrest and made a phone call to 911. >> police closed down the highway for five hours while they detonated what was to be a bomb in their car. the arraignment for the man accused of three sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district will continue today. frederick dozer is facing 26 felony charges for the assaults which occurred between june and december of last year. those charges include attempted
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murder, robbery, and sexual assault. dozier has admitted to taking part in the crimes. santa clara county supervisors have decided not to compete for state funds to rehabilitate the county jails. the county has more than 1,000 empty jail beds. the supervisors think that's enough, even with the influx of new prisoners that'll soon be transferred from state prisons to relieve overcrowding there. the board decided not to seek the $100 million grant money, because it would cost more to staff and operate expanded jail facilities. the video showing marines urinating on the bodies of taliban members will be punished
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to the full extent of the law. the army officer investigating the wikileaks case is recommending private bradley manning face a court marshall. his case now moves onto the convening authority which will decide how to proceed. the 24-year-old former intelligence analyst could face up to 22 counts, including aiding the enemy, for allegedly leaking thousands of state department cables to the wikileaks website. in election news this morning: several of the republican presidential candidates are having difficulty with a basic step on the road to the white house, getting on the ballot. rick santorum, newt gingrich, rick perry and john huntsman have all failed to qualify for the ballot in at least one upcoming republican primary. now critics say if their campaigns aren't well-organized enough to get the campaign on the ballot, it's questionable whether they have what it takes to wage an effective national campaign.
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comedian and television host steven colbert is having difficulty getting his name on the ballot. he said he's going to join in the republican race for president in his home state of south carolina anyway, but south carolina election officials say colbert's name won't be on the january 21st primary ballot. he missed the november 1st deadline for that. in south carolina they don't allow ridin candidates in the primary. colbert failed in his bid to run for president in 2007. the city of oakland could start sending out layoff notices to hundreds of workers as early as next wednesday. after the state supreme court ruled the state can legally shut down local redevelopment agencies. oakland stands to lose as much as $30 million in redevelopment funds. the mayor says oakland has a history of using redevelopment money wisely, including downtown near the fox theater. >> we use redevelopment money to bond so that we could fix the fog, so that we could retrofit all of these buildings down here
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that were empty and crippled. the city is now trying to get more time before it has to close redevelopment agencies. the mayor says otherwise, as many as 200 city workers from other departments could be out of a new job. oakland is getting a new as a matter of fact, but not everyone is happy about it. the lucky will be converted into a discount store owned by the same parent company. one worker tells us this lucky store carries 28,000 different items. we were told that the max value food store will have 5,000 items available when it opens in march. >> you just wouldn't get the quality you can from lucky. >> i'm really disappointed. this is our neighborhood store. >> the company president released a written statement saying max value foods format offers our company an opportunity to remain competitive and protect jobs. >> now all the current lucky workers will be transferred to other lucky stores. new hires for the discount store
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will be paid less than the current workers. apple stopped sales of the iphone 4s after an angry mob gathered outside a store in beijing. >> take a look at that. apple says it's protecting the safety of its customers and workers. look at the number of people who showed up. they waited overnight in the freezing cold, outside that store, in beijing and they grew angry when the store didn't open on time. the phones have been available on the black market there. this was supposed to mark its official debut in mainland china. 4:51 is the time now. joran van der sloot faces up to 30 years in prison when he's sentenced today for the murder of a peruvian woman. he pleaded guilty to all charges related to the 2010 death of 21-year-old stephany flores. in confession, he said he killed florez in a fit of rage, after she discovered on his laptop that he'd been linked to the
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disappearance of an american teenager natalee holloway. holloway's body has never been found and yesterday a judge declared her legally dead. an investigation into last year's severe wind storm in southern california. why state regulators say a power company may have violated the law. and on the move. the changes coming to a profitable set race because of occupy oakland.
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a southern california power company may face fines as a result of that fierce wind storm that toppled over more than 200 power poles. a state investigation revealed that many of those poles were overloaded with equipment, which is against the law. more than 440,000 people lost
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power during november's wind storm. some people for as long as a week. state investigators plan to release a draft of that report. oakland's running festival is relocating because of occupy oakland. organizers say the event will be held at lake merritt instead of downtown oakland this year. due to recent problems with occupiers at frank agowa plaza. coming up on 5:00, let's check with sal for a look at traffic. >> we do have the ramp closed on 98th avenue, onramp to southbound 880 because of police activity. not causing a big traffic jam. we'll have more on what's going on there. stay away from it. 880 at the coliseum, of course. and traffic is moving along pretty well in that area. the morning commute looks pretty good here if you're driving on 880, sorry, on 80 westbound, coming up to the bay
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bridge toll plaza. >> and this morning's commute looks good in san jose. northbound 101 coming up to loscatos. northbound 101 traffic looks good to mountain view. 455, let's go to steve. >> clear, cold out there. temperatures will rebound though, waiting for our pattern to change. won't be today, won't be tomorrow, will start cooler, but until then, we're taking right over. next week looks promising. it does, but not until the end of next week. friday, saturday, cold morning, sunny, warm days. that much will be back into the 50s on the highs. rain line will move south, the question is, how far south will it make it? right now, i'd say next weekend's our best opportunity. northern california's in line, i don't know about here in the bay. it's a cold one in the north bay, friday morning.
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temperatures, 20s, 30s. look at santa rosa, 28. a lot of 30s, mountain view to san jose. livermore down to 33. little north breeze, still a component of that, makes it cold in the morning, but also warm in the afternoon. no fog, yesterday we had some on the coast. little haze out there. cold mornings, mild to warm days. upper 60s to near 70 degrees. downtown oakland hit 70 yesterday. i'm backing off just a little bit. there's not as strong of an offshore wind out of the hills. santa cruz also hit 70 yesterday. if you're heading to the 49er, saints game tomorrow. mild to warm, temperatures in the 60s. the extended outlook, quiet today, quiet tomorrow, partly cloudy, cooler, especially into the holiday weekend. we have developing news out of oakland. an onramp, 880, shut down, after a high speed chase, the impact on your early morning commute, coming up next in a live report. intense moments after a
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brushfire at microsoft's mountain view campus. the new details pg&e revealed just minutes ago.
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from oakland this morning: how a


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